Summers are one of the best times of the year to squeeze in as many grange and community activities as possible. The time when kids are on school holidays is also an opportunity to get the young ones to involve in the community activities and thereby, their parents involved as well. Most of the granges around America have summer camps for kids to help with care for the kids while the parents are off to work. While these are one of the best opportunities for the grange community to host events, other unique events can be organized.

  1. Music Classes and Choirs

Talent development is an essential part of a child’s life. Therefore, while they can get their instrument and singing classes in school, grange communities give children the opportunity to network with other children in the same area as they live and the much-needed exposure.

  1. Industrial Tour

Promote local businesses and communities by arranging for an industrial tour for children and elders to meet and understand the inner workings of a local business. The opportunity will give elders to look for work opportunities in and around the community as well — a win for every age indeed.

  1. Host Fairs

Fairs that promote small local businesses and home-based businesses are a great addition for community get-togethers Encourage homemakers who are talented to make some homemade goodies for a bake sale or even other hand-made products.

  1. Cooking Classes

Host cooking classes by members of the community who have a track record in specific culinary skills. Several members of the community will be more than happy to participate and pay a fee to learn a few cooking skills and also have a good time.

  1. Outdoor Film

Outdoor theatres in the summer are amazing. A pop-up screen with movies that the whole family will enjoy is a great way to get everyone together. All you will need is a park or reserve with some equipment for the screening and sound experience. Affiliates of the community will be happy to pay a small fee for a day out in the park with food and a picnic.

  1. Organize Hiking Adventures

For those who are interested in taking trail walks, the summer is the best time to get some walking and trekking in. Grange communities can organize for a group trekking or hiking experience for interested members. The activity would possibly become a hit, and you could have regular members signing up for weekly treks.

  1. Safety Course Organising

You can never put a limit on safety. Therefore, children and adults are always looking for ways to enhance safety learning experiences. Organizing for a first-aid class, self-defense classes for children and adults, boat safety, etc. are fantastic ways to have the whole family involved.

  1. Local Library Promotion

Book reading clubs are slowly dying, but the grange can play a vital role in keeping it alive. Hosting reading clubs at the local library where both adults and children can come and learn something is a great way to promote the local library as well as get the community together.