While the historical purpose attached the grange is to promote small local communities and unifying them to be a part of a grander association, several benefits come with a membership. Besides community events and activities, the members get to enjoy discounts and even insurance when they need it. Car rentals, hotels, prescription drugs, and other discounts are a given for any grange member. A member does not have to wait long or have a stipulated term as a member before they can avail the discounts. Members right away get to enjoy the perks of being part of the historical democratic organization. Even if you are planning on an overseas holiday and you are looking for discounts, grange members are the ones with the best deals. The best part is that the benefits are updated and changed every year, giving a member an array of possibilities to look forward to.

Healthcare, benefits a member can avail:

  • Top Eldercare Resources
  • Medical Air Services and LifeLine services
  • Hearing Aid Discounts
  • Healthcare Exchange

Pharmacy, benefits for a member:

  • RxSavings Plus Card for Members exclusively
  • Pet Prescription Coverage
  • S Pharmacy Card

Travel, Accommodation and Rentals, benefits for a member are:

  • Member Discount for Orlando
  • Discounts with Wyndham and Choice Hotels
  • Car rental discounts from Hertz, Avis, and Budget
  • Exclusive discounts at Grange Worldwide Hotels and other Discount Programs

Shopping, benefits for members:

  • Cash-back policy at Azigo Shopping Mall
  • Office Max and Office Depot Discounts

Insurance, benefits to members:

  • Life insurance discounts
  • Home and Auto insurance discounts
  • Pet insurance discounts
  • Home Warranty discounts
  • Cross country home warranty for rural members
  • Theft insurance discount
  • AIG discount for members

Receiving From Society and Giving Back to Community

The community and vision behind the grange are not just for members to receive benefits and discounts. While this is an essential perk for every grange member, there is more to the grange than meets the eye. The community is very involved in both itself and the country as a whole. Members have a chance to make a difference in the community and society as a whole. The gift that keeps on giving is what membership is all about, in its crux. Qualitative education, quality healthcare, and accessible technology is a necessity these days.

The Grange community and its members play an active part in providing everything essential for comfortable and progressive living without bars. The grange completely abstains from supporting any political organization and keeps its core values intact of reaching out to every human being in the community irrespective of their cast, race, creed or preference. A remarkable organization with human emotion and family values at its core is what the grange was envisioned to be and is still the same today. The grange operates in 37 states and has over 150,000 members. The members attract millions of visitors through community events and fairs, a perk for those who are not members too.