The National Grange of the Order of Patrons of Husbandry is a United States’ fraternal organization. This organization encourages families to come together to promote the economic and political welfare of the community and agriculture. Founded in 1867, the Grange, has thousands of members and is headquartered in Washington, D.C.

In 2005, the Grange had 160,000 members with organizations in over 2,000 communities in 36 different states. Those hundreds of thousands of members get to enjoy many benefits associated with their membership. As a member, you can take advantage of member benefits and discounts on hotel accommodations, car rentals, prescription drug coverage, and much more. The benefits of National Grange members change all throughout the year, so there’s always more in store for the members. Here are several great benefits to becoming a National Grange member, many of which vary from state to state.

Organization members

Organization members


Many U.S. Grange organizations believe in providing its members with scholarship opportunities. The Pennsylvania State Grange is one of them. Pennsylvania offers its Grange members a number of different scholarship opportunities. There’s the PA State Grange Foundation Scholarship, which awards any Grange member that’s entering their junior or Senior year of college $500 for a maximum of two years. The candidate must be in good standing and need financial assistance. Pennsylvania also has a Deaf Interpreter Scholarship which assists the deaf and hard of hearing with a $250 grant. To qualify, the applicant must be a Grange member, be in good standing, and be enrolled in a program where they’ll graduate with a certificate in deaf interpretation. There’s also a Rhone Grant, which is given in honor of Leonard Rhone, who was the third Master of the PA State Grange. This grant is only for those pursuing a degree in agriculture or human development and family services. To qualify, candidates must be a Grange member in good standing and must secure recommendation. One scholarship is given in the amount of $300. Pennsylvania offers several other scholarships to its Grange members that are very generous. 


When you’re a member of the National Grange, you get to enjoy a number of shopping perks. Members can save on their membership fee at BJ’s Wholesale Club. Members who also shop at CVS Pharmacy and have an RxSavings Plus Card can go to basically any pharmacy and get the lowest price guaranteed on prescriptions. The National Grange is also partnered with Office Depot/Office Max,, and The Azigo Cash-Back Shopping Mall. So, when someone shops at one of these stores or uses the services, they’re essentially giving back to the National Grange and receiving great deals while doing so. 


The National Grange is partnered with United Omaha Life Insurance Company and MetLife Home and Auto Insurance which gives members discounts on insurance rates and deals. Grange members receive special discounts on programs including TotalProtect Enhanced Home Warranty, which helps protect Grange members from expensive home repair costs. Members are also eligible to purchase vision insurance provided by Vision Benefits of America. 

Car Rental Discounts

Grange members get to enjoy discounts on rental cars, so that if they’re traveling by car for business or pleasure, they can do so without incurring all types of extra costs. Even if their car breaks down and needs fixed, they can enjoy a rental car that won’t break the bank. Avis, Hetz, and Budget rental car services are all partnered with the Grange to ensure its members are well taken care of. 



Travel Discounts

If you’re someone that likes to travel, a Grange membership may be for you because members get nice travel discounts. With discounts from Choice Hotels and Wyndham Hotels, there’s a plethora of locations to travel to and to save up to 20% worldwide. Grange members also get an Orlando Member Discount, so dreams of taking the family to Disney World can finally come true. Also, you get to enjoy Harvest Hosts discounts in case you travel by RV. There’s no reason not to travel and knock that trip off of your bucket list when you can do so for a fraction of the cost. 

There are many great benefits to joining the National Grange. Members can save a ton of money on many different products and services that they use every single day. Everyone loves belonging to communities and groups, especially for the perks. Look at STARZ and all of their members saving time and money by using their streaming services. Also, the members of Starscasino who get to enjoy all of the fun games and a chance to win real money. Becoming a member of certain groups has amazing benefits and these are just a few great perks of joining the National Grange.