Being a part of a Grange community is very beneficial for everyone who is part of it. Every person and age is taken into consideration when designing events for the members and outsiders in the local area by the Grange communities around America. While education and recreation are a top priority in the community events, there are some excellent benefits that people in business can avail from being a part of a community in the local setting.

Small businesses are great for local communities as they can provide jobs for the people in the community and can make an impact as well. There are a host of other benefits that come from small businesses in a community that is listed below:


Being an essential part of the community means that small businesses can make decisions carefully based on how the community is affected by them. They also involve themselves in the community to a large extent. Their contributions to the community events and programs can come in the form of sponsorship or even providing services and talent. Small businesses also love to be a part of charity events that are organized by community members. They bring in guest lecturers or offer their suggestions to help with bettering the life of the community. For example, a small bakery in the area will be able to organize small cooking classes for the women in the community to benefit from.


Apart from contributing and being involved in the community, a small business can provide excellent health benefits to the members. Having a business in the area means that they would have to adhere to laws concerning the well-being of not just the company but the people who are neighbors. They can add value to developing relationships with the community members by bringing them together at their location through shopping experiences or work opportunities. Everyone is greeted by name because the sense of belonging and serving together as a community is established.


When small businesses are established close to residential areas, there are chances that the automobile use is reduced in the area. The increase in productivity and innovation is an added benefit as well. When the number of automobiles is lesser in the area, the occupants in the community are encouraged to use walking or cycling as their means for transport locally which is a huge benefit in today’s America.

Job Opportunities

There are always job opportunities for everyone in the community hen there are businesses in the area. The companies are also able to find profit from making a local hire than bringing someone from outside the community to serve their need. Most people who live in the community find employment within the small businesses established inside and don’t have to travel widely to look for work either. Also, there is always a need to be greeted by a familiar face when working than looking at a stranger from outside the area.

Low Maintenance

Servicing local shops and businesses means that the community can be treated as low maintenance as they already know what the community expects. There is no need for extensive infrastructure to provide for the businesses in the area, and there is less need for maintenance too. Every member of the community lives to develop and maintain the community as they belong to it as well.