Community support is becoming a thing for seniors and retired personnel to handle and work all over the world. The young are busy with their lives and the fast-living that today’s world offers both adults and children. With the shortage of talent in helping promote an event at the community level, members of granges and community centers struggle to come up with creative solutions and activities to attract members of the community. If they do come up with an original event, there is very little in the budget they have to promote the event to the community members.

Free Advertising for Grange and Community Events


Use email marketing efficiently and reach out to all members of the community and those on your contact list. Sending regular updates on the community events is a great and free way to get people to know what is happening at the community level. Most people might delete the emails, therefore, make sure you have a strong strategy of how you would formulate these emails. Having a different discount with every email that goes out will help people look forward to your emails. Changing your email signature to advertise any event is also a great idea you can use for free.


Have tickets that you can use the local school children to sell for the cause. Making the event, a ticketed one will ensure that you can cover the budget costs that are required for the event plus give people the idea that it is a serious event. Even if it a small price for a ticket, chances are that you will have more people interested. Make sure that the tickets are available for sale in several places like local shops and offices, so anyone can have access to the ticket before they get to the event.

Word of Mouth

Have a meeting with all members of the community and pledge to spread the word. Have each member to vow to bring at least one other family to the event with them. On average, every person knows at least 20 people. Therefore, one person from their circle will help in garnering the audience required for the event.

Savvy Advertising Ideas

Social Media

Whatever you do, do not waste your effort and energy putting up posters everywhere about the events. While this is probably the most broadly used way of promoting an event, it is also the least noticed one these days. Use social media to the fullest to engage with the community and spend your money on running social media adverts instead of posters and print costs. For as little as $5 a day, your advertisements on social media will be able to garner a newer audience and community members who are young to take an active part of the community.

Young Member Leader

Being a grange community leader is a position of esteem, and often people find it very difficult to give up the seat of power to another. However, if the community center wants to garner fresh ideas and young talent, then putting a young member in charge of marketing and administration will help. The move will help with bringing in more money and expertise into the community center. The ideas that young individuals bring to the table is fresh and exciting as well. They know precisely what the young people of today’s generation are looking for and address it.