Grange communities have been slowly dying over the last few decades. In recent time, many people are too busy with daily activities to be involved in community events, and grange communities lack innovative ideas on events that they can conduct. As a result, people of today’s era and children are not aware of how the benefits of the grange and the ideologies that community living were started. A few grange halls are doing very well with younger and more talented members being on the board. They can provide activities that today’s generation will be able to appreciate as well. These grange halls have the most recognized communities mainly because of the number of events and the promotion tactics that they have in place.

To preserve the grange halls, organizations and societies such as the Sammamish Heritage have worked together to bring new innovative ideas to support the grange. The Shamash Heritage Society aims at mainly reviving and preserving the history of the grange communities around the country and discovering the potential that they have to offer to today’s societies. Some of the grange halls that have been reviewed with the help of the heritage are the Read Farmhouse and the Eddy Hall.

The California State Grange

One of the top grange halls in today’s America is the California Grange. Their senior status is purely based on their rating on search engines and the visibility that they are garnered over time. They are also one of the granges with the fastest growing member database in America.

The Sebastopol Grange

There is a massive revival of grange communities in the Santa Cruz, Mendocino, and San Luis areas. The Sebastopol Grange has garnered attention from youngsters throughout the community, and there has been a sudden spike in the innovative activities that the young people are offering as well. They have been able to unite and bring together the Farmer’s Guild as well to be a part of the range community and are helping with several infrastructure needs of the community.

Bridgewater Grange Hall

The Grange Hall at Bridgewater has been garnering much media exposure over the last few months. The hall is by far one of the oldest grange halls in America today. It was built in the 1850s and has been serving communities, and the community gets together for over a century. The restoration of the hall has been in the talks for a while now, but the costs for the renovation are being worked out currently. In the year 1854, the building is known to have been a schoolhouse that has helped with the education of several children from the community around there. The historical value of the hall is what gives it its top place.

Oakview Grange

The Oakview Grange has about 50 members who are in their records at the moment. The gange might not be as big and famous as the modern ones you find, however, the historical and the Oakview grange upholds the traditional values of the society, and for that reason, they are one of the top granges in the country.