In a world where secret organizations are a norm, it comes as no surprise to members of the Grange that the ceremonies and rituals hold some secretive values too. The members of the Grange who established the first ever Grange hall hardly realized that the organization would host events in secret to honor and recognize its members. However, over time, the rituals conducted as a means of promotion to higher positions and vows to honor the achievements of members has become a ritualistic practice. There is much speculation about the type of rituals that are conducted as part of Grange gatherings. Some myths even surround these meetings to confirm that a secret organization like the Free Masons were a part of the Grange communities.

Many of the Grange rituals usually hold strong biblical values and typical analogies derived from Christianity. There is much to learn from these rituals even if not looked at from the biblical sense. Life lessons are a common feat in these rituals and most members understand and spread humility, hard work and temperance as part of their life. Every membership level has its own set of routines that the member will have to abide by. The higher the level, the more severe and strict the rituals become. In total, there are seven different ceremonies as part of a Grange community ritual in America. Every degree, meeting, and ritual plays a particular role in transforming and building strong life values that members will be able to demonstrate. Being a part of the Grange community gives young people and members leadership qualities that speak well on a resume too.

  1. The Seasons – The ceremonies of the Grange are focused on the seasons. Spring means birth; Summer represents Childhood, Autumn is Young Adulthood and Winter represents harvest time from the earlier seasons.
  2. The Fifth Degree – The fifth degree in a particular county is given to the members who can practice perseverance. The member is taught to work hard for things, and if they are not able to work hard for it, then it is not worth achieving or even possessing.
  3. Sixth Degree – Death is represented by the sixth degree.
  4. The Seventh Degree – This degree is practice only when a member is a part of the National Grange. The ceremony is full of life and colorful and a huge deal. A dramatized ritual of entering the heavenly realm is part of the celebration. However, just like agriculture, the circle begins again.
  5. The Fourth Degree – For any member to be able to take part in Grange gatherings, the fourth degree is a must.
  6. Secret Passwords – and only those with the password are allowed to enter the gathering. After a meeting for the group of the degree is done, other degrees might be granted to join.
  7. The Rest – The first, second and the third degrees are reserved for those who are younger and with lesser expertise in the Grange way of life, while the higher ranks are reserved for those who can act as mentors and leaders on a community level.