Every year since the National Grange was set up, a month has been dedicated to honour and uphold the values that the founders intended for the grange. Though every grange hall around the USA have their own events and activities mapped out throughout the year, the national event is one that is special and brings all the granges together as one body. It is a particular time of the year, and since one day is too short to celebrate the importance and significance of the grange, a whole month is dedicated to it.

What is The Grange Month Event

What is The Grange Month Event

2019 Special

The year 2019 has been special to the grangers around the USA. Instead of celebrating grange month, they decided that the events to uphold the theme of the year can be used throughout the year. The set theme is to celebrate Heroism of The Grangers. The theme was set to remind all grangers and members about the rich history behind every good deed that the grange community as a whole has been a part of. Grangers are considered to be Doers, and the celebration ensures that everyone is recognised for their heroism.

Sometimes the acts that the grange members perform are taken for granted, and during Grange month the motive is to recognise the smallest of initiatives. Some of the deeds and events that are organised by the Grange are providing free and low-cost prepared meals to the community who struggle with food requirements. They provide dictionaries to third-graders in the community to help in promoting education. Other activities and events that the grange organise are directed toward getting homes connected to devices that are considered a necessity in today’s digital era. More often than not, Grangers are heroes, and they are rarely celebrated for their contribution. Celebrating Grange month ensures they are.

What is Offered During Grange Month

Every year, different kinds of collateral are designed by the marketing team of the National Grange. These material are available for the granges around the USA to use in their events and during grange month. Posters, Press releases, Citizen WAward forms, Capes and logos designed explicitly for Grange month are available for download. The youth of the grange are welcomed to take an active apart in the grange events, and their efforts are rewarded. There are several internship opportunities and job opportunities that are available at the grange as well. These opportunities are open to all members who wish to make a viable career path for themselves. Leadership skills and life skills are an essential part of working with the National Grange, and when youth can demonstrate that they can go above and beyond their roles, they are rewarded during Grange month. Being a part of the Grange is a family affair as much as it is a community one. People come together to give each other a hand while enjoying several benefits of being a part of the grange. By providing events and activities like Grange Month, youngsters are members of the community feel like they can be a part of a movement that is set for the wellbeing of their neighbours and works as a form to give back to society.