The Grange community is one of the oldest community organizations that has brought together people within an area. Grange halls have been constructed throughout history, and some have even been marked as historical buildings that talk about the rich history of the American farmers. Grange halls today have been used as a place where people in the community gather together to build and work within the community. There is something for everybody at a grange get together. All members of the community are welcome to play an active part in the Grange meetings and avail memberships to contribute to its growth.

Today’s modern American thinks less of community events and get-togethers. As a result, granges around America see a decline, and many of the grange halls are being demolished and shut down. However, states are looking at the grange as a potential to manage communities on a molecular level to provide them with ongoing support. For this reason, youngsters are encouraged to be a part of the grange communities and help with its revival. People often think that grange is only for farmers. The opinion is part of a stigma that is formed because the grange was originally set up by farmers for farmers. Today, with urbanization, the grange has more to offer the community farmers included.

Garden and nature lovers spend time working on their gardens and try to teach their children to do the same. One of the big positives of being a part of the grange is to instruct children about the basics of gardening and farming and cultivate an interest in nature as well. Families are encouraged to join granges that have family-centric activities planned throughout the year. One of the unique events that families can indulge in is Seed Day. Each grange calls it by their unique name, but the concept is the same. Families are encouraged to learn about gardening and swap seeds on the day. Many enthusiasts come forward with heirloom varieties of vegetable seeds and unique seed varieties that are difficult to come by. Passionate grange community members go as far as giving away varieties of seeds that have been in their family for generations.

Attending a Seed event at a grange is like a gardening workshop, plant and seed sale, information portal and sustainable gardening info all rolled into one. From bees to worms, you can expect to learn everything to grow a beautiful vegetable garden and get children excited as well. Seed catalogs are also available for those who wish to buy seeds that are not available at the event. Don’t be surprised if you don’t leave with a few plants and a handful of new seeds that you can enjoy with your family. Seed days are fun. There is always the excitement of home-baked goods readily available for sale by members and a chance to network with people in your community as well.