It is no secret that young people need to be nurtured and taught how to keep things together for the future. Yes, it does take an entire village to raise a child the right way. Thankfully, the grange community is not dead and plays a beautiful tool for parents who want to find help in nurturing their children in the right direction. The Grange community is all about families in the area. Getting membership into a grange community has several perks. There are fantastic membership deals that are exclusive only to those who have a membership, and many families get a grange membership just so that they can avail the benefits. The plus side to this is the well-planning community get-togethers and events that encourage families to meet others and network so that the community can be built for the future.

Young people are encouraged to be a part of the grange community, and for this reason, the National Grange Youth Program exists. The program is fantastic for providing young people with leadership training skill and life skills along with opportunities for training. Age does not play a vital role in the enrolment into the program. It is available for anyone who is interesting in learning. Conferences, Ambassador Programs, Legislative Experience, Mentoring programs, etc. are some of the fantastic pathways available for young people.

For those who are interesting in life skills, the Achievement Award Program is available. Skills such as public speaking, communication, languages, critical thinking, mentoring and career is available for those interested. Events are littered throughout the year for young people to participate. The best part about the entire experience for youth is that they find the exposure to meet all members of the community irrespective of age, gender, race or social status. The program is designed to help youth and help them assist the next generation as well. The older juniors have the opportunity to mentor the younger juniors and the, in turn, learn some essential life skills.

Camping adventures, contests, radio contests, conferences, etc. are just some of the additional activities that are prevalent with the grange youth programs. The events are well-organized and technologically upped to please the young audience as well. With social media posts and brilliantly designed work, young people find that today’s grange communities are built to satisfy.

Being a part of the young leadership team with the young program is an honour. It goes well on your resume and gives youth the exposure they need to take life head-on. The youth program is funded by donations made by the members of the program. The best part is that the contributions made to the granges can be written off as tax as well. The leadership exchange program is another favorite part of the youth program. It encourages leaders and toppers of the youth program to travel to another state and experience their grange events. The exchange program is a brand new launch and is active since 2019.